“It’s my profession to identify exceptional artworks and make them acquirable to you.”

Ursula Kleuters is an art consultant and owner of the Berlin-based company IDA ILLUSTER, founded in 2011. She advises current and potential buyers of art –  both individuals and companies.

With a distinct eye, a sense for quality and a profound knowledge of artistic value, she offers guidance and support in the art market. Through trusting relationships she liaises with diverse stakeholders in the market.

With her competence and many years of experience in talent scouting, viewings, studio visits and her acquaintance with art, Ursula Kleuters has the ability to sense its artistic energy and brilliance, and thus recognise its potential to break through onto the market.

Through her work, Ursula Kleuters is open to connecting with socially relevant issues.

Her passion is to perceive essential style in all its poetic expressiveness, be it extravagant colour compositions or dimensions in white and black – in light, time and space.

“My personal concern is to demonstrate forms of a new vision.”