Potential / Investment

Investing in art profits from the early recognition of artistic talent.

We identify exclusivity and originality.

Purchase / Art Advice

With a personalised service we act as an intermediary in the purchase of art. We make recommendations tailored to your personal requirements, and dedicate time and empathy in fulfilling your needs.

We give recommendations regarding artists, galleries, institutions and foundations that use the media of photography, video, drawing and painting – with a focus on photography.

We empower young collectors by providing information about art and the market.

Support / Liaison

We provide a network to different aspects of the art market.

We will plan and accompany you on gallery and studio visits, as well as visits to art fairs. We will assist you in reaching your purchase decisions.

We initiate links between art and enterprise.

Art and Architecture / Concept

We bring together art, the location and your personality.

We will develop an individualised artistic concept.

Recommendations in Art / Newsletter

We only recommend artists and artworks that we truly endorse.

With the IDA ILLUSTER Recommendations in Art newsletter, we capture and convey the artistic merit of artworks or exhibitions. In it we present exceptional artworks by international artists, and recommend them in collaboration with high-level galleries, foundations, institutions and companies.