“The major part of my work is the combinations that I put together between the photographs, which question each other, enrich each other; they can be very similar to each other or very different.”

Artist Shirana Shahbazi during an interview with Eva Respini, associate curator of the MoMA exhibition New Photography 2012.

Shirana Shahbazi, born in 1974 in Tehran, presents her photographic artworks in ever-changing, dynamic arrangements that keenly challenge our perception and question our way of thinking.


“With her pictures, Shirana Shahbazi takes up the visual spectrum of the present and transforms it into a semantic complexity that cannot be achieved through classifications and formal categories. These pictures insist on a necessary openness that is demanded unconditionally and seeks out and withstands the pluralist, equal juxtaposition.”

Andreas Fiedler, curator of the Shirana Shahbazi exposition First Things First, artistic director of the KINDL Centre for Contemporary Art.


Works by Shirana Shahbazi appear in the following public collections,
a selection:

Museum of Modern Art, New York, USA – Fotomuseum Winterthur, Winterthur, Switzerland – Kunsthaus, Zürich, Switzerland – Tate Modern, London, Great Britain – The National Museum of Photography, Copenhagen, Denmark – MuSAC, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Castilla y León, León, Spain – Huis Marseille, Amsterdam, The Netherlands


First Things First by Shirana Shahbazi – a representative selection of work from the last 10 years

April 02, 2017 to August 06, 2017, KINDL – Centre for Contemporary Art
Power House / Maschinenhaus M2
Am Sudhaus 3, 12053 Berlin, Wed – Sun 12.00 – 18.00

The catalogue, First Things First, with text by Jens Asthoff, edited by Andreas Fiedler, KINDL – Centre for Contemporary Art, is published by Sternberg Press.