“Art and architecture are interfused, sight and space are explored,
as art proposes a new kind of perception.”

Sinta Werner, Master of Fine Arts, 2007, Goldsmiths College, London, works with installations and collages. She poses questions in which the boundaries between artwork and exhibition space, between image and sculpture, are broken down. Based in Berlin, she has realised international exhibitions from Bergen to Marrakech.

The public art concept by Sinta Werner references colour theory, which has overlapping elements with art, psychology, biology, physics and chemistry, and thus alludes to the school as a place of learning.

© Sinta Werner, CMYK colour space
1st prize, public art competition, Munich
realised in 2015 at the Meindl School, Munich

Monograph, Sinta Werner “In the pictorial space of the real”, Kerber Verlag, 2016
Text by Ludwig Seyfarth, Andreas Koch, Anne van Leeuwen

Sinta Werner is represented by the gallery alexander levy.